About Us

At Lucaneo LLC, we strive to provide daily essentials at a low price. Founded in 2020 during the Covid season, we've come a long way from a small Amazon retail arbitrage business to over 10,000+ customers in the US.

Our Mission

By entering a extremely competetive market, we've broken down the nexus of what customers value the most: Customer support, high quality products, and most importantly, low prices.

How We Operate

We use partners throughout the US and China to fulfill orders extremely quickly while making sure the product quality always exceeds the customers' expectations.

Our Culture

In Lucaneo, we strive for sustainbility as well as giving back to society. Since summer of 2022, we've decided to direct customers returning products for reasons such as "no longer needed" to donation bins/local non-profits rather than a UPS/Fedex store just to send a package across the country back to us.

Our History

In 2020, we decided to step foot in the most competetive market: computer parts. Since then we've expanded to home products such as swimming pools and inflatables. We've done 1,000,000+ USD in sales the past year and are looking to expand further.

As the founder and CEO of Lucaneo LLC, I've always believed in providing customers with great products and high-quality customer service as a baseline for our company. I've always felt like customer service was always lacking in online shopping and one of the barriers between in-person and online shopping. Thus, to break the barrier, we've set it as a bare minimum for every message sent to be responded to by a real-person within a day. No more waiting for a business day and automated messages.

-Bowen Li, CEO and Founder